Association Application

How The Qualification Process Works

  1. Click here for the application and listing form to print out.
  2. Fill in requested information and sign the completed agreement.
  3. Send the completed forms, along with qualifying documentation per the instructions on the application.

Qualifications and Documentation

To be eligible for inclusion, submit a signed application along with supporting documentation verifying your firm’s experience during the previous two-year period:

  1. A letter from a state/local unit, tax-exempt borrower, or a conduit borrower confirming that the issuer has retained your firm to provide arbitrage rebate compliance calculations and/or consulting; the issue(s) must be identified in the letter, or
  2. A copy of an executed arbitrage rebate on your letterhead, prepared for a state/local government unit, tax-exempt borrower, or conduit issuer.



Your Account Representative can answer all of your questions regarding the application process and your listing.

Thomas Toussaint

John Schade